alertmat® Detectable Warning System

alertmat detectable warning mats

Surface-Applied Detectable Warning

alertmat® is virtually indestructible. Alermat is made from Styrene Butadiene (SRB), which is the same as rubber compound used by auto and truck tire companies throughout the world. This material is also used in cattle stall flooring, weight room mats, wheel flaps, truck bed liners and V-belts in engines-it's undoubtedly one of the toughest rubber materials available.

Mixed into out compound are nylon, rayon and polyester fibers that give alertmat® superior strength and wearability. Ultraviolet inhibitors and anti-oxidants are added as well, Providing excellent sun and abrasion resistance and assuring you years of dependable service.

alertmat® is made from 100% recycled materials, so even though it offers superior durability, the cost savings is substantial and wear-resistance and also qualifies for L.E.E.D. credits.

alertmat®'s thin surface profile and perimeter beveled edge provide pedestrians a safe transition from all surrounding surfaces. alertmat®'s flexible, one-piece construction provides easy installation as the mat readily conforms to irregularities of existing concrete ramps. For more custom installations, the mat can be easily trimmed in the field to form a detectable warning surface around utility poles, manhole covers and other special requirements.

alertmat® is available in variety of sizes.

100% Recycled

alertmat truncated dome cross section

alertmat® Detectable Warning Specification Sheet

Property ASTM Standard Result
Slip Resistance C 1028 Dry = 1.14 / Wet = 1.03
Wear Resistance D 658 See Below References*
Impact Resistance D 3029, Cold, Hot & Ambient See Below References**
Adhesion Bond Strength C 482 Dry = Concrete Fractured
Wet = Concrete Fractured
UV Resistance - Fade G 151 / G 154 No Change
Water Absorption D570 Average d-w(%) 0.52
Chemical Resistance D 543 No Reaaction / Change
Stain Resistance D 2299 No Reaction / No Stain
Freeze - Thaw Cycling D 1037 No Effect
Salt and Spray Performance B 117 No Deterioration
Tensile Strength D 412 992.9 psi
Flame / Smoke Resistance FMVSS 302 24 Pass
Tear Resistance D 624 With Grain, Min = 251.73
Across Grain, Min = 370.31

* After one minute of sand blasting using silica sand, a two-inch nozzle-to-surface distance, one quater-inch internal nozel diameter and 80-pound air pressure. [ Result: 0.00 ]
** Test involved dropping a two-pound steel ball weight from a eight-foot height at ambient, cold (-30 degrees F) and hot (+120 degrees F) temperatures exposure was 48 hours. [ Result: No Mark ]