alertmat® Detectable Warnings Installation

Tools and Equipment Needed:

  1. One alertmat® detectable warning mat
  2. Hammer drill with 3/16" x 3" concrete bit
  3. Short nap non-absorbent paint roller and pan
  4. Trimming tool if necessary, e.g. heavy duty shears
  5. Soapstone or carpenters pencil
  6. alertmat® adhesive
  7. alertmat® anchors
  8. alertmat® sealant
  9. Standard hammer
  10. Caulking gun
  11. Broom
  12. Masking tape or duct tape

100% Recycled

Prior To Installation:

  1. Place appropriate barriers and/or warnings to pedestrians or vehicles as directed by your organization. Remember, safety first!
  2. Determine the correct location for installation of the alertmat® detectable warning as required by the ADA and your governing authority.

Surface Preparation and Mat Positioning:

  1. Surface must be completely dry with no precipitation at least 24 hours prior to installation.
  2. It is recommended that the adhesive be applied at temperatures over 40 F (4 C).
  3. Surfaces with newly poured concrete must be fully cured.
  4. Sweep the installation surface clean. For best results, the surface should be free of oils, sealants, grease, vegetation, sand, soil, dust and loose aggregate. Patch any holes or cracks as necessary prior to installation.
  5. Place the mat in position on the installation surface and adjust fit until satisfied.
  6. Mark the concrete at each mat corner. These marks will be used later to reposition the mat after adhesive has been applied. See illustration 8
  7. Using either soapstone, pencil or masking tape, outline the concrete around the perimeter of the mat at least 1/4" from the mat's edge. Outline this area on all sides and for the complete length and width of the mat to ensure the area beneath the mat receives an adequate amount of adhesive.
  8. Remove the mat and place it dome-side down away from the installation surface. Clean back of mat and make sure mat and walkway are free of dirt and dust.

Applying Adhesive: (Caution: As with any chemical, read and follow directions on container)

  1. Using a short nap paint roller and pan, apply a thin, uniform coat of adhesive to the back of the mat and the installation surface. Cover both surfaces completely and evenly. Keep adhesive within mat outline. See illustration 11
  2. Allow adhesive to dry until neither surface is tacky to touch (approx. 10-15 minutes, depending on the weather). Adhesive should be dry to the touch, but tacky. (Note: Do not wait more than 30 minutes)

Placing the Mat:

  1. alertmat® adhesive bonds instantly, so pieces must be positioned accurately as contact is made! Using the marked corners from (#8 above), align the mat's corners with the marks on the concrete. See illustration 13
  2. Slowly and carefully press the mat down from one end to the other, working air bubbles out from the center to the outer edges. Make sure the mat falls within the glued outline. Avoid stretching the mat and do not reposition the mat once adhesive-coated surfaces have come in contact. If adhesive is disturbed, apply a new coat to disturbed area. See illustration 14
  3. When mat is in place, walk on the mat from the center to the edges, along the domes, between the domes and along the beveled edges to assure solid contact.

Installing Anchors:

  1. alertmat® comes with pre-drilled anchor templates to ease installation! Using a hammer drill, drill a 1- 3/4" deep by 3/16" diameter hole through each anchor template in the perimeter of the mat. For best results, holes should be perpendicular to the concrete surface. Remove concrete dust from hole and mat with broom. See illustration 16
  2. Insert an alertmat® anchor into each hole and hammer into position. Do not over tighten. Anchors should not be driven into the mat or cause compression or distortion of the mat material. Never place anchors in domes. See illustration 17
  3. Complete the alertmat® installation by applying a small bead of sealant along the outer edges of the mat.
  4. alertmat® detectable warnings can be walked on immediately after installation. Adhesive should be completely cured in about 72 hours. Notice: Use only adhesive, sealer and anchors provided with alertmat®.

For MSDS information, please contact your sales representative or call us at (877)232-6287.