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Decades of Heartfelt Experience

In the fall of 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was only four months old, having been signed into law by President George H.W. Bush on July 26. The United States was in the middle of an economic recession with high unemployment, massive government budgetary deficits, and a slow Gross Domestic Product. The USA was also on the brink of war with Iraq, and in a matter of months Operation Desert Storm would be launched in the Middle East.

Was this a good time to be starting a company?

That's just what I was thinking as I woke up early one Tuesday morning in a Motel 6, getting ready to go into my first appointment with the Florida Department of Transportation. I was a year out of college and, unable to find work in the recession, had decided to go into business on my own. For the past several months, I'd been living out of my car, typing letters in my back seat, putting together product literature and samples from my trunk, and eating 65¢ Taco Bell tacos for three meals a day.

My company had developed an innovative product that would be a perfect solution for the new ADA detectable warnings requirements. It was a one-piece panel with truncated domes that was made from 100% recycled materials, it was very durable and installed very easily. It was called alertmat®.

And in my meeting within the next hour, I'd be getting feedback from top officials with the FDOT's new products committee. Would the engineers on the committee approve alertmat® for use on their projects, or would they politely pass?

That was over 22 years ago, and nothing makes me prouder today than when I pass through a town in Florida, or Texas, or Ohio, or any other state, and see alertmat® installed on a street corner. Obviously, the FDOT new products committee liked alertmat®, and the product went on to earn a national reputation for durability and design.

Alex Munroe and alerttile's first sale in 1990
alerttile's first sale in 1990

Alex Munroe - FDOT approval of the alertmat® detectable warnings
1990 FDOT approval of the
alertmat® detectable warnings

As the years have changed, so have the demands of the detectable warnings industry. Customers now require different dome patterns, various colors and both retrofit and cast in place designs. So, over the years, we've developed one of the most complete lines of detectable warnings products in the industry.

From our flexible alertmat® 100% recycled retrofit panels to our glass-reinforced composite panels, alerttile®, we have a complete range of surface applied detectable warnings for every project. We also manufacture alertcast® cast in place panels for new construction. alertcast® panels incorporate our patented Penetrator® concrete anchors, which install easily into concrete without displacing the aggregate, thereby preventing the possibility of water or air becoming trapped beneath the panels, which could ultimately lead to cracking or freeze-thaw problems.

We're very honored to have you as customers and please know that we never take your business for granted. We strive daily to produce the industry's best detectable warnings and to support you with timely delivery and the best possible customer service.

The original alertmat® product sample that I carried in the trunk of my car twenty-two years ago still sits under my office desk today. It serves as a continual reminder that we can never take success or our customers for granted. We still deal with new products committees almost weekly, too, and every new market we enter brings us happiness and the continued passion to grow.

On behalf of every team member on the alerttile® staff, thank you very much for your continued patronage and support. It truly means the world to us.


Alex Munroe

Alex Munroe,